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Gossip? In Old English, a “godsibb” was a godmother or godfather, from “god” plus “sib,” meaning “relative” (related to our modern “sibling”). It was later used to refer to companions in childbirth – people from the community who were there in difficult and celebratory times.

Here you'll find a list of things we've been doing/thinking/reading.

mayBe usually follows a seven-week cycle, six weeks of Thursday community meals and Sunday Eucharist/worship gatherings followed by a week of rest; a time for friends, family. We'll be starting a full new cycle with a new theme after Greenbelt, but let's consider the few weeks up-to Greenbelt as a mini-cycle! There's lots of food for thought and prayer in the GB theme (standing in the long now), and we've got our new forms worship contribution to get ready.
  • thurs 13 august: community meal at the emma & john's
john makes light patterns It's week seven! mayBe rests on week seven, so no community meal or Sunday gathering this week. We'll put up details for the whole next cycle soon.
mayBe's journeying cycle welcomed Benny Wenda, a West Papuan independence leader whose village was bombed by Indonesia when he was a child and many of his family were killed. Later, he began to campaign peacefully to free the West Papuan people. For this 'crime' he was arrested, tortured and threatened with death. Benny and his lovely family told us about their harrowing journey, and the ongoing plight of the West Papuan people.
Labyrinth tile Team GB met again. We did an early run-through of the plans to see how it felt. And it felt good! A few new ideas and lots of volunteering to take bits on left us with the following even more exciting, updated plan. Look out for a beta test coming to a community Sunday near you soon!
Labyrinth tile On 24th July 09 the Rev Andrew Bunch came to tell us about his pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. There were a few things that stuck in my mind…
    Labyrinth tile
    Sunday 26 July we're celebrating in that great outdoors/cathedral, known to others as South Park, 10:30. Thursday 30th July, 7pm we'll be meeting at Sam, Dave and Ariane's to explore the Chalgrove labyrinth!
    labyrinthThis Thurs (16 July) we're meeting at Debs & Ali's in Headington. A chance to consider mayBe's current journey, including hearing back about the meeting with the Bishop (Weds 15th). Sunday 19th July: 12:30  Saint Mary and John's Church Labyrinth, Cowley Rd (opposite the Coop!)
    Thursday: Meeting at Jim's in Cowley for the community meal, and thanks Sam for preparing our resource on laberynths. Sunday Eucharist we're joining with Home and StillPoint for their Into the Silent land eucharist (part of the StillPoint weekend with Martin Laird) in St John's church Iffley Road (St. Steven's House -- opposite university rugby ground) at 10:30am.
    post modern circle Is a circle a single utopian line or can it be made up of many straight lines? Are there many truths that contribute to the truth, was Jesus a modernist, teaching with many stories that bring us closer to understanding God's purpose, does post-modernism lead us back to Jesus?
    Ian at the weekend awayThanks to all for a great weekend away in Watlington! Here is a  blessing from the leaving ceremony on Sunday:- God of our beginnings and endings, We celebrate all we have shared with Ian & Gail And ask your blessing as they continue on their journey.
    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="75" caption="pic by dave"]tree and sky by Dave[/caption] We met at Topsy, Jon & Isla's to crystalise all the great ideas we've had from the three GB discussions so far. Still lots of questions, but exciting to see potential shapes coming out; ideas finding a home in the structure. Oooh, don't look at this, it's out-of-date! Look at this instead!
    A summary of Greenbelt ideas shared in the cafe after Eucharist.  7th Jun 09 We considered being small in time and space and how we each react to this. Can we move from a reaction of fear to freedom? Can the scale of all things actually bring us stillness and peace?
    Cara, Jim, Rich and Tracey met to go over first ideas for our Greenbelt 2009 New Forms worship (7pm Saturday). A long way to go yet, but it was great to get out what we felt could be the main themes.
    Our fist planning scribbles

    Our fist planning scribbles

    Here's how it will be billed:

    Fashionable Pace


    Chris playing to us at Eucharist one evening in Bethlehem chappel. Pic by Dave

    Dave's reflection on the community meal discussion: Challenging our engagement with the world: should we become 'worker priests', to stand alongside others without them even knowing our own faith? Is it too much to shift a huge pile of gravel? Perhaps shifting a few pebbles is all we can do? For sure, whatever we do, we do for Him...