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Gossip? In Old English, a “godsibb” was a godmother or godfather, from “god” plus “sib,” meaning “relative” (related to our modern “sibling”). It was later used to refer to companions in childbirth – people from the community who were there in difficult and celebratory times.

Here you'll find a list of things we've been doing/thinking/reading.

I've created a mayBe carbon club for  imeasure. So far Ali and I are ranked 1 out of 1!!! Go Strickland's.... You have been invited to join the Carbon Club 'mayBe' by Deborah Strickland. If you are already a member of imeasure, you will be able to compare your carbon output with other members of the group.
John and Emma we are so thankful that you have been companions on our journey, friends on the way, and blessing-makers to this community. As you prepare to take your next steps we bless you and we seek God's blessing for you. May you bring the spirit of engagement for a better world now. May you carry the spirit of play into every day. May you know and be the presence of Jesus wherever you go. May this, in God's good care, be so....

Thanks everyone for contributions to the Greenbelt ideas conversation. Our thing in the New Forms cafe [3pm Saturday] will be way of the sun: a sacramental journey in darkness and light, following in the way, spirit and presence of Jesus of the Gospels. And we have been asked to do a 'spontaneous act of worship'... way of the sun: improvised: a flashmob event - an orientation towards Jesus the So
• Exciting news campers...I have booked us in at the lovely White Mark Farm! Hope that's ok with everyone, Jordans wasn't available that weekend, but this one sounds quiet and friendly and in beautiful surroundings. I've made a booking for 13 people which is everyone who has confirmed to say they'll be camping...we may be able to add additional bookings so if you want to come and haven't yet said so then please let me know ASAP! The cost will be 4.50 per person per night - bargain! love, Cara xxx [16.5.08]
Dear All, Thanks so much for all your kind messages! OK, I won't keep you waiting: Ezra Benedict James Yates. Have a nice discussion with the person next to you! See you all soon, around, over't'internet! Chris [24.3.08]
• Hi All, It's International Women's Day 8th March ... so to follow the recent mayBe theme of sharing things we've been doing at my work, here's an audio slideshow i've been working on: Liberia education Take care, Jane x
• Amnesty are doing a lecture series on Religion and Human Rights. This lecture looks interesting: Stanley Hauerwas on Wednesday 20 February...
• Through the wonders of technology I watched the Extreme Pilgrim on BBC iPlayer last night. Was very good and I’m sad to see the end of the series. It will be sad not to see the guy who’s in it for a while since at first I wasn’t sure about him but now I will miss him!
• Dear mayBers. We would like to host a new incarnation of the book club. Several of us used to enjoy book club: nothing heavy, just someone picks a book, we all read it and then have chattings about it over a glass or two of wine. Oh and if we get adventurous we might send round our review/comments.
At Sunday's Eucharist we took these pics of each other speaking the words of Mary's song, the Magnificat [Ian 17.12.07]
We too had a good community meal last Thursday, good conversation about treasure and fields. We didn’t have any sand but we hid treasure (cadbury’s heroes) and Niamh took great pleasure in finding them and then sharing them with everyone. It was great to have Rachel with us, and thanks to Jane for stepping in with food, and to Rich for bringing supplies of ‘this water’. Cara mentioned this poem: The Bright Field by R. S. Thomas.    [Jon 26.11.07]
• Hi everyone it's my Mum's memorial concert this Sunday coming at 3pm in St Andrew's Church East Hagbourne. Chris [Yates] is very kindly accompanying me in a short song! Would love to see any of you there who can make it. Ruthxxx
• Dear Lovely mayBe people, I have just opened a letter from the Bishop of Oxford telling me that I have been selected for training for Ordination. I guess that I'm officially an 'Ordinand'!! Thanks so much for all your support and prayers, they DID make a difference and it was important to feel that you were all 'with me' on this journey. Your servant, Fr. Chris Yates  - only joking, just thought I'd see what it looked like!!!!!! [Chris Y 6.11.07]
• Thank you all for your company on a wonderful weekend and thanks to all of you for sharing the journey and telling what you know.  I'm very glad of the opportunity to spend some time "letting go of the God I don't believe in and getting to know the God who believes in me." I'm feeling a bit flat today in reaction to the specialness of the weekend.  Trying hard, but not very successfully,  to carry it into the everyday... Moira [16.10.07]

leaf mountain @mayBe Eucharist on South Park 14 Oct 07

• here's our mountain that we made out of leaves on sunday:) John [15.10.07]

Kate and Gaym

• At Sunday's Eucharist we gave thanks for the life of Gaym - here's Kate's obituary for Gaym in the Guardian's other lives section.
• This may be of interest to those of you who work for homeless charities and may benefit from their service- providing food, whilst combatting food waste and excess CO2 emissions. FareShare is the national organisation that works with over 100 food businesses to minimise food waste by providing practical solutions to help ensure that the maximum amount of 'fit for purpose' food is consumed wherever possible. In 2005 2,000 tonnes of food was saved from being wasted, helping business reduced C02 emissions by 13,000 tonnes.
• If, like me, you are concerned about the recent goings on in Burma, but feel a bit like "what can I do?" there's two online petitions at Burma campaign smiles, Rich [26.9.07]