mayBe in conversation with Si Smith

The first of our mayBe in conversation with... was with Si Smith, top illustrator, all round creative bod, Leicester City fan and big friend of mayBe - his encouragement was one of the key things that kept us going when we looked unlikely to happen. We were really chuffed to have Si's comic strip meditation on Christ in the wilderness on our website throughout Lent (the 40 days leading up to the Easter period). Si created 40 as part of a worship resource that Revive - the Christian community in Leeds to which he, Sue, Eddie and Jo belong - developed for Greenbelt Festival last year. The inspiration for 40 came in part from the artist Stanley Spencer who began (but never completed) a series of paintings on the same theme, the idea being to do one painting for every day in Lent. CD copies of 40 [PC-only at this stage] are now available to purchase for a very reasonable £5.50. For more details send an email to Si Smith's 40 and check out his new website simon smith illustrator