interview with Niamh

by mayBe-Cara


Hello Niamh! How old are you? 3 What have you been doing today? I didn't like my hat. I didn't want to wear it. Oh. Um...fair enough. If you were a super hero (like in the Incredibles), what would your special power be? I would be brave when I see a big spider. What makes you feel happy? I like Winnie the Pooh. What makes you feel frightened? Rich and Tracy's cat, Mina. What makes you laugh? At nursery Lucius did a big burp and we all laughed! What's your favourite... ...animal? Zebras. They stand still and look at me and swish their tails. ...colour? pink pink pink pink PINK! Potatoes and broccoli ...toy? "Rabbit" ...thing to wear? Dresses and skirts. Can you draw a picture of yourself?