interview with Jane

by mayBe-Cara


Jane Gibbs is 24 years old and is a Story Resources Assistant (a bit like a Picture Editor) for Oxfam GB. She has been part of mayBe community since the summer of 2005 How are you feeling at the moment? very happy! How did you discover mayBe? through my old housemate John, who kept telling me I'd love mayBe, until one day I caved in and came along - and I haven't stopped coming since! How do you describe mayBe to people? with pictures... but if in words as a group of friends exploring spiritual questions together in a creative, fun, risk-taking, honest, open, inclusive way What are you reading / listening to / watching at the moment? I'm reading various mags: Digital Photography, PLUK and EI8HT - and listening to Kings of Convenience If you were a superhero what would your special power be? courage What would your costume look like? I would look the same but with a bit more sparkle in my eyes! Draw a self-portrait here - superhero costume optional

jane self portrait

I'd be lost without my... family / best friend Zanna / digital camera My favourite place in the world is... anywhere I can get excited dreaming about what can be achieved in the future The best thing about Oxford is... it feels like home roast dinner is the best thing since sliced bread... especially lamb shank with mint sauce