interview with Chris

by mayBe-Cara

chris @ Bartlemas

Chris (Christopher to his mum) is a 25 year-old Police Officer, married to Rachel and father of Niamh. He has been with mayBe community since the summer of 2005 What songs would feature on the soundtrack to your day today? Don't think twice it's alright (Dylan) Older Chests (Damien Rice) Working Class Hero (Lennon) In a little while (U2) How did you discover mayBe? Through Ian. I used to live in Thame, and he was the vicar there. I bumped into him in Oxford and came into mayBe a few months after... How do you describe mayBe to people? A community of people in Oxford with a focus on the Mass and the tri-une God; Church of England-based; with an emphasis on creativity in the arts What's the best thing about Oxford? The X - no really. I suppose the architecture and the coffee shops. Oh and of course GUINNESS @THE HALF MOON What's your biggest indulgence? New York steak and cheese and pannini in Borders What's inspiring you at the moment? My daughter Niamh! / Ireland / mayBe music-makers / Immerse course with Ian Draw a self-portrait here

chris self portrait

Marmite or peanut butter? Marmite Dogs or cats? Dogs! Dylan or Hendrix? both..... Dylan X-factor or Strictly come dancing? neither..... X-factor Odeon or Phoenix? Phoenix