baby Harvey

• Well it's been like a different world the last week. The floods never reached the JR, or its power supply, thankfully (although it did affect their staff!)! It could have been "just news", except for your emails and texts, making it more real. Let's stop climate chaos before this gets worse!! sitting at home with Harvey on my chest sleeping like...a baby, I suppose, typing with one hand! all well, Harvey given the green light by paediatricians, midwifes and many other colour-coded uniformed people whose various essential roles we never quit figured out! feels realer now, at home; our home. it's so wonderful. I said to Jon & Topsy: I've never sung hallelujahs so honestly. Not sure Mina's singing praises, though...[Mina is our cat] I'm doing a lot of nappies (seemed fair: Tracey has to put food in, I deal with it coming out!), and am not quite there yet: have been sprayed with poo loads! ug. hopefully by the time it starts to smell of anything nasty I'll be  better at it! Thanks for everyone's support and prayers, rich [27.7.07]