[mayBe] fareshare

• This may be of interest to those of you who work for homeless charities and may benefit from their service- providing food, whilst combatting food waste and excess CO2 emissions. FareShare is the national organisation that works with over 100 food businesses to minimise food waste by providing practical solutions to help ensure that the maximum amount of 'fit for purpose' food is consumed wherever possible. In 2005 2,000 tonnes of food was saved from being wasted, helping business reduced C02 emissions by 13,000 tonnes. This food was then redistributed, along with other food related support services, to a community food network of 300 organisations. This food contributed to over 3.3 million meals to 12,000 disadvantaged people each day in 34 cities and towns across the UK. As well as also providing 250 work and volunteers placements last year, £5 million was saved by the network of local charities, which was reinvested into the community. fareshare Jane [3.10.07]