Extreme Pilgrim

• Through the wonders of technology I watched the Extreme Pilgrim on BBC iPlayer last night. Was very good and I’m sad to see the end of the series. It will be sad not to see the guy who’s in it for a while since at first I wasn’t sure about him but now I will miss him! The most moving part for me was where he was asked about the happiest and saddest days of his live. “The day I married my wife”, “The day we decided it would be better to live apart”. Then his struggle in the first 20 days of solitude was amazing to watch and his whole questioning of the theology which I’m sure he described as cruel and sadistic at one point. Watching the program was like a glimpse into a contemplative life that is very difficult to catch in our crazy lives but it shouldn’t be romanticised. It was a great struggle for him and he seemed eager to leave it at first, preferring the distraction instead of the introspection, longing for the noise that he had come to escape. I’m still thinking about it now and how modern life swirls us up and helps us avoid the bigger questions. When we stop to think it seems so alien.  Jim [22.1.08]