Journeying : West Papua

mayBe's journeying cycle welcomed Benny Wenda, a West Papuan independence leader whose village was bombed by Indonesia when he was a child and many of his family were killed. Later, he began to campaign peacefully to free the West Papuan people. For this 'crime' he was arrested, tortured and threatened with death. Benny and his lovely family told us about their harrowing journey, and the ongoing plight of the West Papuan people. I felt amazed by the sheer grace and love for all people in the voice of someone so wronged. When Thomas was invited to see Jesus' wounds it was not only so that Thomas might believe, it was that we, who have not seen them, might be transformed by believing. Well, you can meet Benny and he'll show you his scars if you ask. But he'd rather talk about hope and the future. Again, we can be part of that transformation. If you've got ten minutes, read about what's happening. If you've got ten pounds, the Free West Papua campaign will put it to good use.