childhood cycle

Harvey and Niamh This cycle we're looking at children and childhood through the eyes of the Christian tradition - hopefully helping us to think about ourselves as children (the one relationship we all share) of our parents as well as children of our heavenly Father, and our attitudes towards children and one another. This post lists the dates, venues etc. for the whole cycle, although it's always subject to change so do check back regularly.


week 1: gifts of god and sources of joy

  • thurs 10 sept 7pm: community meal at Cara's
  • sun 13 sept: worship gathering at Bethlehem Chapel, St Mary's Convent 7pm, followed by pint @ the rusty bicycle See our pictures of sunflower petal prayers!

week 2: sinful creatures and moral agents

  • thurs 17 sept 7pm: community meal at Debs & Ali's
  • sunday 20 sept 10am: all community conversation @ the mish, st. clements.See photos.

week 3: developing beings who need instruction and guidance

  • thurs 24 sept 7pm: community meal at Emma & John's
  • sunday 27 sept 10:20am: worship gathering outside at port meadow, followed by café. Photos.

week 4: whole and complete human beings made in the image of God

  • thurs 1 oct 7pm: community meal at Kate's in Thame (thanks Kate for writing the resource!)
  • sunday 4 oct
    • 7pm: mayBe community eucharist (courtesy of Rev. Jonathan from Barton Church) at convent chapel off cowley rd, followed by pub
    • Also a chance to hear our very own Chris Yates preaching at St. John the Evangelist, Vicarage Road (the church right opposite where Ian & Gail used to live). Chris would love to see you, service starts at 10:30.

week 5: models of faith and sources of revelation

  • thurs 8 oct 7pm: community meal at Sam & Dave's in Chalgrove (thanks Tracey for writing the resource!)
  • sunday 11 oct 10:20am: worship gathering outside at south park, followed by café. Photos of our traditional conkers match!

week 6: orphans, neighbours and strangers in need of justice and compassion

  • thurs 15 oct 7pm: community meal at rach, chris, niamh and ezra's(thanks Sam for creating the resource)
  • sunday 18 oct 10:20am: worship gathering at the mish, st. clements.

week 7

rest, pause, family and friends time: No community meal or sunday gathering.

We'll keep this post up-to-date as things change/get confirmed so do check back.

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