the word cycle

community conversation 20 Sept 2009 This cycle is called The Word Cycle. We’ll be looking at words in all their forms: speaking, text,  language and stories. Pete Rollins suggests that emerging churches are not trying to change the beliefs of their members, but rather examine the way they hold those beliefs. He talks about “tools to view the world of our understanding in a completely different manner”. Language can be one of these tools. So, by looking at the language we use, we can self-consciously explore the way we hold our beliefs. "We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time." Little Gidding T S Eliot This cycle we're also meeting for a community meal on Saturday mornings.

week 1: Community Language

  • thursday evening community meal, 29 october, tracey & rich's (facilitator rachel)
  • saturday morning community brunch, 31 october, the mish, st. clements (hosted by sam)
  • sunday worship gathering, 1 november 7pm, bethlehem chapel (facilitator jim)

week 2: Exploration: Language changing

  • thursday evening community meal, 5 november, cara's (facilitator sam)
  • saturday morning community brunch, 7 november, the mish, st. clements (facilitator ginny)
  • sunday worship gathering, 8 november, 10:30am south park

week  3: Creativity: words as creation.

  • thursday evening community meal, 12 november, Chris and Rachel's (facilitator cara)
  • saturday morning community  brunch, 14 november, the mish, st. clements
  • sunday Eucharist gathering, 15 november, 2pm bury knowle park See our photos

week  4: Simplicity: speaking in silence

  • monday evening guardians' meeting, 16 november, at Jim's
  • thursday evening community meal, 19 november, at Ali & Deb's
  • saturday morning community brunch, 21 november, the mish, st. clements (sam facilitator)
  • sunday worship gathering, 22 november, 7pm bethlehem chapel (facilitator andrea)

week  5: Engagement: Language and culture

  • thursday evening community meal, 26 november, sam and dave's
  • saturday morning community brunch, 28 november, the mish, st. clements
  • sunday worship gathering, 29 november, 10:30am south park

week  6: Christ: Author of stories, new words, new identity, new life.

  • thursday evening community meal, 3rd december, Emma & John's (facilitator sam)
  • saturday morning community brunch, 5 december, the mish, st. clements (hosts: Jon & Topsy)
  • sunday worship gathering, 6 december, 2pm port meadow

week 7: break

mayBe retreat at Offa House: Fri 11th - Sun 13th Dec

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