the spirit of mayBe cycle

happy 2010 everyone! This cycle re-looking at the spirit of mayBe: a community exploring simple, creative, engaged, playful living in the way of Christ.

Week 1: community, grace

Cara's made this week's resource on grace, and the community meal on Thursday will be at Tracey, Rich & Harvey's. Also this week: Saturday community meal @ the Mish at 10am, and Sunday 10:30 @ the convent chapel for a renewal of guardians' vows, including dismissals, renewals and welcoming Ali as a new guardian, too! Music makers come at 10 on Sunday to prepare.

Week 2: exploring, space

Saturday mayBe Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony at Saturday community meal

Thursday 14 Jan: Ali & Debs hosting Saturday 16 Jan: Chris hosting at The Mish, 10am. Check out the photos. Sunday 17 Jan 10:30 worship on South Park  (the kids explored some interesting spaces...), followed by café.

Week 3: creative, wonder

Thursday 21 Jan: Chris and Rach hosting. Saturday 23 Jan: The Mish: Cara hosting. Sunday 24 Jan: 2pm Bury Knowle Park. Chris to facilitate, possibly Eucharist if Jonathan available. See Dave's photos

B-K January

Week 4: simplicity, grit

Thursday 28 Jan: Chris preparing resource, Doerthe & Jan hosting. Saturday 30 Jan: Sam & Dave hosting at the Mish at 10am. Sunday 31 Jan 7pm: Bethlehem convent chapel. Rev Sister Margaret Anne will celebrate Eucharist with us. Followed by visit to lovely local pub, the Rusty Bicycle.

Week 5: engaged, resistance

Thursday 4 Feb: Rich to organise. Cara hosting. Saturday 6 Feb: Andrea hosting at The Mish at 10am. Sunday 7 Feb: 10:30am university parks. Toby facilitating. Followed by café.

Week 6: playful, laughter

Thursday 11 Feb: Sam & Dave's Saturday 13 Feb: Ginny to facilitate at the Mish 10am. Sunday 14 Feb: 2pm St. Mary's, Barton for a child-focused Eucharist. Monday 15 Feb: Guardians' meeting at Toby's.

Week 7: rest week + art exhibition

Saturday 20 Feb: Kate's invited the community to her exhibition at her house in Thame.

Next cycle: Easter and prayer cycle

Community conversation 21 March @ the Mish, 10-2pm.

This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

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