we're all together again, we're here, we're here!

It was wonderful to be gathered together at Bethlehem chapel in our wellies and hiking boots having braved the snow to start the year with a gentle but heartfelt statement of intent.  Amazingly all seven members of mayBe taking on guardianship of different areas of our shared life were present to join with the community in making vows and receiving blessings.  This is the start of my third (and final) year as guadian of space/exploring and it is such a privilege to serve in this role.  I see it as a challenge to myself in the first place, and then to the community, to keep growing in faith and sharing our learning by offering one another the space to do so. Not quite everyone was there in person - especially the proud parents of the newest member of mayBe born 5am that morning.  What a beautiful way to start the year - a sign of fruitfulness and new life!