simple ideas for daily prayer

gathered around the snow may this inspire us all to find our daily discipline of prayer as part of mayBe's pattern of community life. These came from discussions at community meals and worship gathering in our spirit of mayBe cycle.
  • communicating prayer online eg twitter or facebook
  • writing it in your diary
  • taking the time to be mindful - not always multitasking
  • be content with little things, little amounts of time
  • praying for each other's concerns - perhaps have email list of words or names (no need for detail/info)
  • community exploring creative simple engaged and playful living in the way of Jesus - pause prayerfully on each of the 7 elements of our calling (as footsteps, using icons on our website, as words etc) - eg use 'O Lord Hear My Prayer' taize chant
  • wonder for┬ámayBe community - what's sprouted in the garden, what's come back to life, new life? rebirth, new birth... new beginnings ... look, hear, smell, touch and sing!
  • when wandering around on daily travels remember to look around, wondering at simle and magnificent signs from nature
  • time to make space in your life for presence - quiet and contemplative
  • laughter - sings a song (hymn, chorus etc) at the top of your voice! Louder!
  • time to spend more time making space for play - keep as light-hearted as a child
  • pause for thought every day
  • grace, space, wonder, grit, resistance, laughter, presence (the spirit of mayBe) - hold each word prayerfully for members of mayBe and others
  • remember to laugh everyday!
  • be thankful and focus on gratitude