Saturday Brunch at the Mish

Chocolate brioche and flapjack was munched, much table-football was played, and space was made for children to play, adults to talk, and all to pray.  We had a big turn out with Sylvie, Isla, Ariane, Niamh & Ezra and Theo all bringing responsible-ish adults along.  It was particularly great to catch up with Darko before the family move to Dublin for 3 months to drastically reduce his commute to work to 15 mins! Saturday Brunch is mayBe's second community meal gathering of the week when we eat together, discuss the resource and engage in a simple act of worship together.  The venue means there is plenty of space for adults and children to play - and you don't have to  accompany a child to come!  If you can't make Thursday for any reason, why not come along 10am - 12noon on Saturday!
by Sam