mayBe Retreat with Andy Freeman: 22nd - 24th November 2013

The welcome at Court Hill Centre (independent youth hostel)was incredibly warm - the staff could not have been more hospitable.  The children took to the large converted barn like a second home, and the adults found space to unwind, play, and talk about life and mayBe.  Andy Freeman provided some welcome perspectives on being a changing community and finding a rule of life.  Stories were shared, there was dancing and singing, a great deal of eating (and some drinking!).  Jim excelled himself entertaining the children of all ages in the big outdoors, and the bonfire was enjoyed by all. In the midst of this, Rich helped us to engage with the role of fossil fuel investment in climate change and held a brief vigil for those suffering the effects of Typhoon Haiyan.  We share communion and reflected on the past year - discovering that we are not a community in crisis, but an adapting expression of our core 'spirit of mayBe': still working at being a community exploring creative simple engaged and playful living in the way of Jesus. This is our prayer - May we find rest in community May we find depth in exploration May we find life in creativity May we find peace in simplicity May we find hope in engagement May we find joy in play May we find faith and life in Christ