fresh eggs: March 2015

photo of eggs!

This month's dates:

  • Sunday 15 March - South Park 10:30am
  • Thursday 26 March - Pints and Prattle 9pm, Marsh Harrier pub
  • Sunday 29 March - Big Sunday, at the Robineaus'.

We had a lovely time on the big Sunday. We all brought toppings for a baked spud lunch.

The kids played out the Palm Sunday story with little characters and we thought how we might set the story in modern day Oxford - would Jesus arrive in from Boars Hill and stop to look out over the city? Would he weep for the mix of super rich and very poor? What would the donkey be? A borrowed bike?!

We also started thinking about our contribution to the Palestine Unlocked festival; we're hoping to work with a Palestinian student group to put on a kite flying event celebrating Gaza's world record.

We finished with a liturgy and prayers.


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