Great Saints

photo of 1 Corinthians 13 verses written on rainbow ribbons

September's meetings were organised by the Robineaus and the theme was Amazing Saints.

People from mayBe say: Refugees Welcome!

We met for our little sunday on 6 Sep in South Park for a simple worship, and improvisation around a saint who could not sing until blessed by an angel!

Following this we shared a lunch and made some banners/placards before going to join the throng at the Refugees Welcome demo in Oxford. There were well over a thousand people there and many of us were glad to be counted in their number. See photos.

Community meal

The Robineaus hosted a community meal in the evening on the 16th where we learnt about several saints, including the original story of St. Nicholas; sainted for generosity given without any possible way to be thanked. We finished with a short night prayer.

Big Saintly Sunday

We met Sunday 27th Sep 11 - 3pm at the Cherwell Ctr. on Norham Gardens, North Oxford, shared lunch, stories of saints, a wee worship and a catch up. It was a sunny day so the kids had a great time exploring the beautiful gardens already touched by Autumn's Midas-hands.


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