Abundance! October 2015

This month Abbie and Tom are inviting us to consider abundance.

Soup n Soul

We shared Soup n Soul lunch @ Kentish's in Cowley on 2nd. This was a shared lunch with simple spiritual practices, breaking bread, giving thanks and sharing concerns.

Sunday 11th October - little Sunday

We met in the foyer to Sainsbury's! We took to the aisles with a quizz to help us approach the abundance theme. What is the most luxurious thing you can find? How many types of bottled squash are available? What are three essential items? After that we had a coffee and low-key liturgy in the café upstairs where we discussed our findings, and reflected on what it was to have such abundance in a world where many go hungry.

Thurs 15 October, 7:30pm - evening community meal

Tom n Abbie's hosted. After the meal we did a prayerful talking circle, passing round a symbolic talking stick (from memory this was a toy/ornamental elephant!) and saying how we were doing. It was a very simple thing but the space felt safe and people shared some personal vulnerabilities. It was beautiful and moving, and we were heard and hugged.

25 October, 11:30 - 2:30 at Hogacre Common: big Sunday

Continue thinking about abundance and connect to the agriculture through helping to garden. We brought n shared a jacket potato lunch and then joined in with the community gardening as part of our abundance theme.

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