How did we get here?

Photo of our meet up on All Saints Day in Florence Park

This month's theme is How did we get here? and we'll be looking at the history of those of us following "The Way" (as early Christians were called).

  • 12 Nov 8pm - Tilly & Richard hosting community meal at theirs
  • 20-22nd Annual retreat up near the Ridgway for mery-making and reflection.
  • Friday 27 Nov 12.30pm - Soup & Soul simple lunch + spiritual practices. At Rich & Tracey's in East Oxford.

Earlier this month

On Sun 1 Nov, All Saints' Day, we met at Florence Park bandstand for a short outdoors worship using our new Wee Worship Books which included learning the real purpose of halos, making some from pipe-cleaners and beautiful autumn leaves, and giving thanks for saints past, present and unrecognised. The kids then had a lovely play in the park while we enjoyed the surprising November sun!

Tilly & Richard hosted their first community meal on the stormy evening of12 Nov. It was a thoughtful discussion looking at the Nicene creed and a recent statement by someone in the CofE about how he saw the church's role today.

20-22nd annual retreat, near Wantage

We went to the Courthill Centre again for our weekend pre-advent retreat. It was a really fun time and it was great to share it with some "forever mayBe" folks who don't get to join us much. The kids had a wonderful time.

It was a mix of simple liturgies/worship sessions; arts n crafts; discussions and walks in the wild winds in the woods. Photos will be posted soon!

Further ahead

Saturday 19 December Christmas party at St James' church hall in Cowley.

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