What we do

Each month a different member of the community arranges four or so getting togethers around ideas loosely following a chosen theme. The usual monthly cycle is as follows:

Soup & Soul

The first Friday of each month, this is an opportunity to share a simple lunch and a simple spiritual practise. It's usually hosted by Sam, in their home in Chalgrove. All are welcome, please get in touch if you'd like to drop in.


A short worship gathering somwehere, often outdoors (God's own cathedral!), following a short liturgy and including some creative improvisation or conversation. Usually these are followed by a café visit (esp. in the winter, if we've met up outside!).

Usually, as the name suggests, on a Sunday, but sometimes not! We're fond of meeting in Oxford's amazing parks, like South Park, Bury Knowle park, Port Meadow.

Community meal

Hosted in someone's house on a Thursday evening and with more risk of a bit more in-depth adult conversation, we share a meal, have a conversation (usually based around some thought provoking resources), finish with a simple night prayer/liturgy.

The "big sunday"

This is like the little Sunday (usually on a Sunday) but we plan to have a bit more time together, so we normally find somewhere inside to be. Recently we've met in Iffley church hall; Hogacre common (where OxGrow do their wonderous organic projects); and a room in a SS Mary & John's convent.

We will have a chat, a liturgy sometimes including celebrating eucharist, some sort of conversation or craft activities, and usually a bring n share lunch.

...but we're not religious about it

As you may have gathered, the above is an outline of a rhythm that we base our community life around, but moreover we do what we can and what fits best! So sometimes a Sunday might be a Saturday, sometimes the community meal might find its substance in a pub, sometimes we might join in with something else entirely. But in this loose jazz-interpretation of rhythm, we do our thing and you would be very welcome at any point.

and there's more...

We're long time contributors to Greenbelt, and this feels really important to us; it feels like home, and it feels good to be there as contributors, usually offering some family-friendly worship in our own low-key, fun and thoughful style.

Early in advent (late Nov/early Dec) we have a weekend retreat somewhere near Oxford. This is a great opportunity to spend some more time together, have discussions about the life of the community etc.

Meanwhile, our guardians meet up every three months to discuss how things are going, plan, and pray for the community.