mayBe at Greenbelt Festival 2007

beer n hymns

• Had a great refreshing time at the festival. Saw some excellent performance art from Peterson Toscano, relived my teenage years watching ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ and got some inspiration and fluffy feelings from the ‘Embodied Mysticism’ seminar on body prayers and meditation ideas. After each learning filled day I was always disappointed to find my mayBe companions consuming the sinner’s beverage in the Jesus Arms. They’d probably been there all day…. Thanks to all!!!Jim [29.8.07] • Highlights from Greenbelt - sharing the mayBe journey and eucharist with others, beautiful sunshine, star gazing, Ian Archer, tent side conversations and surprisingly good night time sleeping - thanks Jim for the earplugs!! Andrea [29.8.07] • I had a brilliant weekend, and really enjoyed being part of mayBe's small (but lovely!) contribution. Some highlights for me off the top of my head were... -beer and hymns (a marriage made in heaven!) -duke special and his amazing band -lovely lovely iain archer -star gazing and chatting with my lil' sis jo outside the performance cafe to the sound of sarah masen - we each saw a shooting star! -many happy cups of tea at the tiny tea tent. Pace bene! Cara x [28.8.07] • Our highlight was meeting Becky's friends and hearing about Urban Vision and starting to think about how we can live difference makingly in Chalgrove... Sam [28.8.07] • beautiful day, beautiful weekend! very happy times at the festival - thanks everyone for your all your hard work, enthusiasm and imagination which enabled the mayBe eucharist to take shape - I think it went really well and that it seemed to  be well received and participated-in by many of the fellow travellers who joined us, as well as for us. Perhaps we can take that sense of the closeness of God, as near to us as breathing, with us into this new week... pace bene Ianx [28.8.07] • My highlight? Apart from talk with Jenny and Justin? Billy Bragg, mayBe, Billy Bragg's talk....sorry I missed Graham Cray's talk on 'working for the church while my family dies'  (an Arcade Fire lyric) and also the contributors patio! Dave [28.8.07]

mayBe feels at home at Greenbelt. We've been contributors there for many years, trying to stay true to what we do, but reimagining it in a bigger setting.

mayBe at Greenbelt.