How (not) to speak of God

Being stimulated by this book recommended by Cara (thanks Cara): how (not) to speak of God by Pete Rollins of ikon, Belfast. He articulates (in an often very poetic way) some of the themes and practices that have inspired many in the alt/emerging church conversation like mayBe community, and gives us a push to explore them more deeply. I've finished chapter 2, and it's the sort of book that, for me at least, needs and deserves repeat reading. There are some strings of big words eg this darkness represents a type of supra-darkness that stands in sharp contradistinction to the sub-darkness of a desperate nihilism but the stretching is well worth it. And some brilliant phrases that will surely help to change us if we allow them space: we must seek, not to speak of God, but rather to be the place where God speaks. Thanks Pete Rollins, keep on... [ian]