roots cycle: COMMUNITY meal

Jon's path has only recently crossed with mayBe, here's his thoughts on the Thursday community meal (thanks, Jon!): Community meal 29 April 2009Walking down to the quiet hidden corner of Oxford, past mottled windows and age-old buildings, Gravel crunches underfoot as I approach the sanctuary. Inside, the smell of cooking fills the air and light floods through the many windows and reflects off the glassy floor whilst ambient music plays in the background. MayBe begins to arrive. Wine is poured and we enter into the lounge to relax and begin interacting. Conversations fill the air and everyone is greeted before we begin the meeting. There's a real sense of community in the air, of belonging, of feeling safe and secure - like a second home. Through Gail's words, our minds are cast back to Jesus' first miracle and we're enveloped by the atmosphere. What was he thinking? How did his mother know it was time? All questions are debated and answered in the course of the evening. Children scurry about with boundless energy which adds to the sense of family in the room. We end with a contemplative prayer offering from Ian, giving our greatest gifts and largest worries up to Jesus to hold, and begin to make our way slowly homeward.