update from gb on the new forms space

This just in from gb:

Tibetan Prayer Flags (image:wikimedia)

The bean bags are no longer with us...

We will be having an on-going installation within the venue in response to the festival theme 'Standing in the Long Now' - this is still forming in the creative minds of the venue managers and technical team - though at the moment we are working with a Christian interpretation of some images of tibetan prayer flags. The hope is that we will have an on-going vibe in the venue that will not interfere with your contributions but will hold the venue together visually and provide participants (you and those attending the worship sessions) with a sense of the how the venue sits in relation to the festival as a whole.

mayBe feels at home at Greenbelt. We've been contributors there for many years, trying to stay true to what we do, but reimagining it in a bigger setting.

mayBe at Greenbelt.