South Park: 28th Feb 10

The Unloved Some amazing effort was made on Sunday to get to the mayBe gathering. The wind was cold and the rain bitter. South Park was guarded by a moat of mud. Niamh and Ezra took shelter double decker style in the push chair. Poor Guy had a tumble in a deep trench by the gate. We all made efforts to clean him down. Tabatha was perhaps the most relaxed of us all, occasionally waking up when mum moved too much. The prayer figures were great. So creative and varied. A signpost for the lost, embracing arms for carers and a blue rectangle for anger. Phoebe had made a dead mermaid to signify bereavement. I'm not sure I can think of anything more sad. Or perhaps was she referring to the death of childhood fantasies? She could have been, she is a very bright 5 year old. After the gathering it was time to dash for the cafe. Hot chocolate, with ice cream in it, is the antidote for cold hands and feet!