Growing Spirituality

At our last community conversation we discussed prayer and spirituality. How can we be a community with a glowing spiritual centre? How can we encourage prayer at our gatherings and also in our daily lives? It would be good to have some practical ideas on this. Email your ideas and suggestions and we can post them here. Here are some ideas to start with....
  • A night prayer for a cycle: Write a night prayer to end our Thursdays. This prayer could change with each cycle. (If we don't write a prayer we could use some published Celtic night prayers or something similar)
  • Reflective breaks between activities. e.g. silence between conversation and prayer on Thursdays. Or more use of breathing.
  • Do more Godly play. It's reflective and child inclusive.
  • The other week when Tracey and Rich were hosting the Saturday session at the Mish, they put some stones and candles on a mat and made a little altar in the pool room bit off the main room to make some quiet prayer space. Then, one at a time, we took turns going in and having some quiet prayer time while the others looked after our children. As you know, quiet time on your own is at a premium when you have children, but I think other people might find it helpful too.