Conflict? cycle

Ascention 2 Conflict affects us in many different ways, sometimes from the outside from the inside. What can we learn from our experiences?

Week 1

Thursday 3 June - Emma & John hosting. Ginny to write resource? Sunday 6 June 3pm - Tea at All Saints Convent with Vespers at 4:30.

Week 2

Tuesday 8 June 3pm - mayBe meet Bishop John. Thursday 10 June - Rich & Tracey hosting. Toby writing resource. Saturday 12 June 10:30 - Sam hosting at Mish Sunday 13 June 10:30am - South Parks. Andrea facilitating.

Week 3

Thurs 17 June - no community meal because... 18-20 Camping weekend @ Cuddesdon [TBC] Sam preparing resource on resolving conflict restoratively. Also community conversation.

Week 4

Thursday 24 June - community meal hosted by Toby. Greenbelt prep (Emma leading). Saturday 26 June - community meal hosted by Cara (at Cara's not Mish) with Cara facilitating more greenbelt prep (Emma away). Sunday 27 June - nothing

Week 5

Monday 28 June - Guardians' meeting at Sam's Thursday 1 July - community meal hosted in Thame by either Kate or Andrea [TBC]. Chris preparing resource. Sunday 4 July - 7pm Bethlehem Chapel, followed by pint @ rusty bicycle. Sister Margaret-Anne is joining us again and will preside over Eucharist. Chris to facilitate.

Week 6

Thurs 8 July - hosted by Cara. Abi to do resource (TBC) Sunday 11 July 3pm - Chris Yates's ordination as Deacon at St Stephen's House Chapel (St John's) on the Iffley Rd.

Week 7

Sunday 18 July 2pm Bartlemas Chapel - Sylvie Rae's Christening

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