Living Faith: A vision for the Diocese

Living Faith On the Saturday of the mayBe camping adventure at Cuddesdon, the community spent some time considering ourselves using the Diocese’s “Living Faith” vision. This vision or model identifies 5 areas of Church. They are:
  • Making disciples
  • Shaping confident collaborative leadership
  • Creating vibrant Christian communities
  • Making a difference in the world
  • And throughout all this...sustaining the sacred centre
We looked at each of these areas and considered how mayBe practiced these ideals. Do we embrace them well or could we do better? Below is a summary of some of the comments that came out of the session. Making disciples
  • We encourage each other to grow in faith
  • We have a go, each trying to write resources and contribute to workship.
  • Serving the fringe – many of our community  have struggled with main stream church
  • Out from under the bushel
  • Simple & strong
  • Challenge each other
Making a difference in the world
  • Encouraging others in their actions
  • Prayer
  • Website spreads our vision and makes connections globally
Shaping confident and collaborative leadership
  • Everyone contributes
  • Ratio of member participation very good
Creating vibrant Christian communities
  • All ages
  • Trusting
  • Caring
  • Impromptu events
Sustaining the sacred centre
  • Prayer
  • Through being
  • Free to be
  • Guardians
  • Meeting outdoors
  • Imagery and photos
  • Godly play
  • Labyrinths