Monasticism recycled, revamped, respected.

Candles This seven-week cycle we're looking at various monastic practices. How can they shape us as a very different type of community? Throughout the cycle we'll be keeping Saturdays free for Greenbelt preparation.

Week 1

Thurs 22 July. Kate/Andrea hosting community meal in Thame. Resource by Cara. Sun 25 July. Worship gathering 10:30 South Park. Facilitator needed!

Week 2

Thurs 29 July. Hosts Sam, Dave & Ariane. Resource needed! Sun 1 August. 2pm Worship in Bury Knowle park. Facilitator Toby

Week 3

Thurs 5 August. Community meal hosted at Toby's. Resource needed! Sun 8 August. No gathering this Sunday.

Week 4

Thurs 12 August. Hosted at Tracy, Rich & d'boyz house. Resource needed! Sun 15 August. 10:30 at Mish for Greenbelt run-through.

Week 5

Thurs 19 August. Conversation with Sister Margeret Anne. Fr Chris, MumĀ  Rachel, Princess Niamh and Toddler Ezra have stepped in to host - thanks guys! Sun 22 August. Bethlehem Chapel 7pm - facilitator needed and Fr David can no longer preside over Eucharist.

Week 6


Week 7

nofing - invite some friends to dinner this week ;-)

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