Greenbelt Ideas

GB Saturday thinking This is my attempt to summarise our Greenbelt conversations on Thursday and Saturday. Please let me know if i've missed anything you felt I should have included! The bible readings we looked at were Genesis 16, Genesis 21 and Mark 5:1-20


  • Everyone has been an outsider at some point
  • Desert and sea are places where people don't exist any more - no connection to the rest of the world no sense of identity
  • A river is an outsider, going somewhere but doesn't belong anywhere
  • Ishmael is given an identity¬† - a name and a skill to identify him
  • Element of insanity in being truly an outsider
  • "go back to your community" - the Gospel legion story sends the outsider home.

Outsiders and the Eucharist

  • Jesus becomes an outsider and in doing so redeems the outsider honour + shame honour must be sacrificed
  • "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?"
  • Being an outsider can be cool and hip - but being forsaken is being truly an outsider. Not cool at all!
  • Forsaken by all but God?
  • Inside vs outside of God's will forcing it our own way.
  • Outsider Beatitudes - blessed are the refugees


  • Blank labels given to lose identity
  • Blank labels covered with newly written labels
  • Sand drawings or sculpture - photographed and showed at eucharist Throw a ball of wool to each other to create web - then cut it to create outsiders
  • A giant animosity bracelet
  • Balloons - have an inside and outside
  • Graffiti - outsider's art
  • Stencil art
  • Art where a surface layer is removed to show something
  • A hoop with labels on the outside. Labels 2 sided with positive and negative words on different sides. Flip the labels over (into the hoop and inclusion) to show positive. e.g. Victim => Survivor.
  • All labels dissolved and form home made paper - (is making paper a bit complex?)