Greenbelt 2011: first thoughts...

IMG_2123 Notes on our discussion of the Greenbelt theme, "Dreams of Home". Reflections on Home
  • not just nuclear family, think of community as home.
  • home sicknesses - when stuff is rubbish, familiarity takes you home.
  • weird how in New Zealand they move their homes - something disconcerting about this.
  • safe place to share -  there are 5 levels of sharing/intimacy (includes sharing peak experiences)
  • on your mobile - what is the 'home' number. have you every changed it?
  • Yellow brick road - yearning for a home
  • things you do when hosting, offer food, make guest comfortable, take coat...etc....
Practical Ideas
  • perhaps decorate paper plates,
  • something physical to take away, give out keys (blanks?)
  • giving out snacks - hospitality.
And Finally...
  • Try and keep what we do "Earnestly mayBe"