looking for a Chaplain

We are looking for a Chaplain to journey alongside us, provide spiritual direction and pastoral support, and to celebrate the Eucharist on a regular basis with the community.

IMG_1932 The Chaplain would join us often (but not always); help us with prayer and prayerfulness; and help us to interact with the wider Church. The post is part-time (4 – 8 hours per week). A stipend is available pro-rata at incumbent priest level. Application deadline: 30th September 2011 The hours of work are negotiable and this role could be taken on as a secondment. The Chaplain would work with seven ‘mayBe Guardians’, who meet regularly to plan, guard and support the life of the community, and the mayBe Sacristan who provides administrative support. The Chaplain would join the whole community in sharing responsibility for preparing and leading worship. Though planned, community life and gatherings are flexible to accommodate the other commitments of members and Chaplain. Personal specification The Chaplain will be:
  • A team player, able to work collaboratively with mayBe guardians and community members.
  • Comfortable and supportive of mayBe community’s inclusive ethos and informal approach. See ‘the spirit of maybe’.
  • Able to minister to an all-age community.
  • Someone with an active spirituality; and an understanding of the realities of everyday life.
  • Able to challenge and inspire the community to keep to our true spirit and move forward.
  • An ordained priest within the Anglican communion.
Recruitment process Candidates should send a letter, responding to the personal specification (and may attach a supporting CV) to sacristan@maybe.org.uk by the deadline above. To guide the decision making process for both parties, shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to meet the whole community and take part in different aspects of community worship. This will be followed by panel interviews. This appointment will be approved by the Bishop of Oxford and is subject to a CRB check. The successful candidate will take on the role for a probationary period of 6 months, within which either party could give a months notice. After this 2 months notice could be given by either party. For further information about this role please contact Emma – sacristan@maybe.org.uk We hope that the new mayBe Chaplain will join us for our advent retreat from 9 -11th December.