Walking on custard

  Custard walking Sunday 29th April 2013 - we spent the day recreating miracles! It was interesting to move away from the usual rhythm of worship. Its not always necessary to break down time into songs, liturgy, prayer, talk etc Sometimes you can break away from tradition and this is very much how our day went. We first created an art piece of the sea using a range of materials and placed toy fish on the canvas. The children each tried to catch a fish and had to look and see if there was a coin in its mouth (Matthew 17:24-27). We then moved on to some individual arts, each of us trying to recreate epic miracle artworks with basic materials. We then all had a simple bring and share lunch (I forgot to "bring" so just "shared") Throughout the day there was a quiet room that each of us could go to alone. There we could look at some texts and consider a few questions. This was a chance to have some time of reflection while the others carried on with miracle making. In the afternoon an adaptation of musical statues served to remind us of Jesus calming the storm. When "Be still" was called everyone had to stop dancing. A relaxation exercise then followed and I was surprised to see toddler Anjali lie down and chill with the rest of us. The finale of the day was mixing a huge amount of custard and then walking across it in homage to Jesus' steps on the lake. Quite whether mixing custard to near concrete consistency can be counted as a miracle is up for debate, but then aren't most miracles?  

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