Habitus - Jan 2017

Photo of some of mayBe

The theme will be HABITUS - the idea of lived theology embodied in our habits. We will consider our existing habits, good and bad, and consider cultivating new habits collectively and individually. A sort of new year's resolution for the soul!

  • Friday 6th January - Epiphany night prayer and pub - hoping to book Bethlehem Chapel 8pm
  • Sunday 7th January walk, hot choc and croissants and welcome the new year worship - 10am Shotover
  • Thursday 12th - community meal at Team Richards 8pm
  • Sunday 15th - little Sunday - 10.30am Florence Park
  • Friday 20th - soup and soul 12.30pm - can anyone in Oxford offer to host this?
  • Sunday 29th - big Sunday 11am - 2.30pm - hoping to book Chalgrove church with communion after lunch

This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

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