Spring 2019

Photo of kids on a walk

Here's what we have planned so far in 2019

  • Not a meet up, but Sam shared a link to 99 good news stories you didn't hear in 2018 to fight off the chill of winter!

  • Sunday 6 Jan - we met up in Botley park for epiphany.

  • Sun 24 Feb 10:30am - Meet in Botley Park for one of our small and short informal gatherings including some songs, prayers, thoughts, playing and cafĂ© visit. Thanks Sophie for organising!

  • Sun 17 March, from 10:30 was Sat 6 March - bigger day together in the planning.

  • Evening bookclub + night prayer, reading The Sacred Enneagram, with discussions at Tilly & Richard's (or via Skype) on Wednesdays: 27 March, 24 April, 22 May, 19 June, 17 July.

  • Sun 7 April 10:30am Florence Park (TBC) for short worship outside.

  • Looking ahead to our retreat in November, we have Liz West booked to do an enneagram workshop

This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

Our homepage should always show what's happening right now, and how to find us. For an overview of our cycles etc. see the what we do page.