photo of bee art we created

We gathered in Florence Park as the weather signalled the turning seasons - it was dry on arrival and very wet as soon as we started worshipping huddled under the bandstand.  We celebrated Creation Time (a new church season to extend harvest to a wider reflection on our relationship with the natural world), making links to the Global Strike Climate Protest which some members had taken part in last Friday.  Extinction Rebellion use the bee as one of their symbols - dramatic declines in bee numbers threaten us all.  We extended Jesus’ invitation to consider the wild flowers and birds to consider the bees, and pooled our knowledge of these amazing creatures, their waggle-dances, decision-making processes, and communal work to ensure resources for all.  We reflected that the promise of a land flowing with milk and honey has to mean an abundance of bees (the super pollinators) - and our dependence on them to sustain our food supplies.  And of course we tasted honey and use our finger prints to create our own bee colony.