exploration: open to surprise and change

exploration in mayBe

The idea of exploring is a key one for mayBe community, and in trying to describe our way of navigating life we find ourselves drawn to themes of journey and possibility.

a mayBe kite flying for Ascension 05

learning in mayBe

We understand that the process of becoming Christian is a lifetime's endeavour. Our sense is that, as a small child learns to speak, so the following of Christ is not so much taught as absorbed. It seeps into us as we spend more time in the company of Christ and of this surprising group of people trying to follow him. So the key way to learn in mayBe community - whether it be about Christianity in general or following Jesus in our company - is simply to spend time together.


At our community meal we are always working with an issue or subject - and invariably it's related to how we might learn to follow Christ in and for the world. From time to time we have a series of conversations which we call immerse which gives something of an introduction to the practise and belief of Christianity in our context. The principle of immerse is that we go straight into the practise before we do any theory. So, for example, a focus on prayer will begin with silence and the opportunity to use some ancient and contemporary prayer practises before we attempt to explore in words what might be going on. For more on the spirit underlying our commitment to explore check out 'space' on the spirit of mayBe page