play: to play is to enjoy God's love

God and play

The Psalms - some of the most ancient of our holy texts - picture God as being playful: dressed up in sunshine, making a chariot out of clouds, blanketing the earth with ocean, bringing grain from the land and wine to make people happy. We want to discover more of this most surprising aspect of God's character.

earthed, connected

We do not sense any separation of body, mind or spirit. So learning to play again is, for us, something to do with embracing that amazing, God-given and earthy connectedness: within ourselves, with each other, and with the world.

play in tough times

The early Church was characterised by deep joy even in times of persecution, holding on to the hope that surrounds Jesus's life, death and resurrection. We are searching for the same Spirit that inspired them.

mayBe at play

When we play we give ourselves to the moment. Deadlines and worries are forgotten, and we can find ourselves. Gasping for air we draw in lung-fulls of life itself. And so mayBe looks to be a community at play, enjoying God's presence without any need to prove ourselves. Play is at the heart of mayBe for more on play check out 'laughter' on the spirit of mayBe page