simplicity: searching for a prayerful and connected life

We are inspired by people like St Columba of Iona, St Francis of Assisi and St Theresa of Calcutta, whose lives seem to have been have been grounded in simplicity and prayerfulness. mayBe is diving deep into the ocean of Christian spirituality to seek more balanced, prayerful and simple ways to live.

mayBe prayer

Daily prayer, wherever we are, is the foundation for simplicity in this community. Drawing on various Christian prayer traditions we are working out we might begin to make prayer space in our busy lives. For ideas on how to explore prayer check out 'prayer mat' on the resources page

mayBe friends and family

We place a very high value on spending time with family and friends, so the week is not packed full of stuff. mayBe rhythm of life As in any community some 'business' meetings are part of life, but we keep them to a minimum, and they are held in a very informal setting. Following a biblical pattern of work and rest every 7th week is clear of all mayBe gathered activity.

mayBe time out

We believe that making time in the working week for rest and recreation is vital for well-being. Regular retreat and holiday are also important ingredients in the search for simple connected living.

You want to follow Christ, and not look back: remember that, as you walk in his footsteps, you will be irresistably drawn to share, and to a great simplicity of life. Br Roger of Taize

The search for simplicity is at the heart of mayBe for more on simplicity check out 'grit' on the spirit of mayBe page