Photo of hands reaching for petals...of peace?

Autumn 2017: hope, and a new ryhthm

Photo of hands reaching for petals...of peace?

We're experimenting with a new rhythm following a community conversation in September. Months will now look like this:

  • The first Monday of every month, Rich & Tracey will host a quiet evening prayer at their home in East Oxford, 8:30pm for about an hour.
  • Every second Sunday we'll meet up all together somewhere, which could be a park, a cafe or someone's house. Tilly & Richard have offered to host every other month. We're hoping to invite people along to listen to their journey stories.
  • The third Friday in the month, Sam is leading an evening liturgy followed by pub visit. We have booked Bethlehem Chapel (it's between Cowley and Iffley Road off St. Mary's rd - call ahead if you'd like to join us and we'll make sure you're met, it's hard to find!) and we'll move on to the Rusty Bicycle after.
  • The fourth Sunday of the month is the go-to date for anyone who wants to lead something.

Also, Tom has set up a WhatsApp group and will be sending round little proverbial pearls each week. Sam has booked our annual get-away weekend for 1-3 December, and is also interested in leading some practical theology sessions after Christmas.

We're hoping to infuse "hope" as a theme, energy and practice.


  • 21 September: We remembered International Day of Peace on 21 September, and met up on Peace Sunday on 24 September at Tilly, Richard and Isabell's and used some materials from the Fellowship of Reconciliation for our worship, play and discussions.
  • Monday 2 October 8:30 - 9:30pm evening prayer, cuppa and compline at Tracey & Rich's.
  • Sunday 15 October 10am meet at Florence Park Bandstand for short liturgy. Bring examples or reflections on hope.
  • Friday 13 October 8-9pm Night prayer at Bethlehem Chapel followed by Rusty Bicycle pub.
  • Monday 6 November 8:30 - 9:30pm evening prayer, cuppa and compline at Tracey & Rich's.
  • Friday 10 November 8-9pm Night prayer at Bethlehem Chapel followed by Rusty Bicycle pub.
  • Sunday 26 November 2:30pm - 5:30pmish. Play, tea, coffee and a liturgy followed by chat with Rev Andrew Bunch from St Giles/St Margs coming to speak to us along the theme of Hope. At Tilly & Richard's.
  • Friday 1 - Sun 3 December Annual get away at Courthill Centre. This year joined by Rhythmicity for some drumming and percussion as worship sessions (should be fun – bring ear defenders for anyone very sensitive to noise) and Godly Play with Andrea along with the usual time outside, walk, campfire, creativity, evening chill-out, fun, food and mayhem!
  • Monday 11 December 8:30 - 9:30pm evening prayer, cuppa and compline at Tracey & Rich's.
  • Friday 15 December 8-9pm Night prayer at Bethlehem Chapel followed by Rusty Bicycle pub.

Find us

We meet in Oxford's parks and cafés, our own homes and borrowed chapels. You'd be really welcome to join us at any of our getting togethers.

Call or text: 01865 575 805

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mayBe is made up of a couple of dozen people in and around Oxford reaching for community through sharing meals, prayers, thoughts, Eucharists and creative acts.

We have a monthly cycle of events, starting with a Soup and Soul lunch (Fridays) and including a couple of Sunday worship gatherings, and a community meal and faith discussion (Thurs eve). See what we do for deets and just drop us a line/call/tweet if you'd like to come along to anything. See our story for more on who we are and our ten year journey so far.

Recently we have been...

Kite making

This month we're thinking about Jesus' appearances and making kites to remember his ascension - a mayBe tradition!

Photo of our Good Friday improvisation

We met on Good Friday at the Kidneys nature reserve in Oxford and as we walked we found spots to stop to read from the stations of the cross texts and do some singing. As an improvisation to engage with Jesus crucified we each took a flower to represent the beauty of Jesus the person and destroyed it. We dropped the petal remnants on the ground, and it fell in the dirt and some charcoal from a long-cold fire. Before we left we kneeled around it, like the women at the cross reaching up in sorrow.

Photo of some of mayBe

The theme will be HABITUS - the idea of lived theology embodied in our habits. We will consider our existing habits, good and bad, and consider cultivating new habits collectively and individually. A sort of new year's resolution for the soul!

Photos of our angels with music in their wings made at our retreat this year.

Dates in December:

  • Thurs 8th Dec - Les Robineau's house  - community meal 8pm - Area Dean, Rev Tim Stead is joining us. He would like to catchup with us regarding the future and aspirations of mayBe.
  • Sun 11th Dec - we joined in with St. James' Christingle
  • Sun 18th Dec - afternoon walk, beverages and carols at Debs' and Ali's