Community Gossip from 2014

Gossip? In Old English, a “godsibb” was a godmother or godfather, from “god” plus “sib,” meaning “relative” (related to our modern “sibling”). It was later used to refer to companions in childbirth – people from the community who were there in difficult and celebratory times.

Here you'll find a list of things we've been doing/thinking/reading.

Photo of Andrea

We went to Court Hill hostel near Wantage. It was a great time to be together. We continued our hospitality theme, designing our own doormats with spray paint, and Andrea led several Godly Play sessions which captivated the normally roudy kids.

Check out the photos on flickr!

On Sunday 20th Sep 2014 maybe participated in the Oxford Diocese's "Grand Day Out". A series of events and installations organised by the Diocese in Oxford town centre. mayBe had a stall in the "market place" at Wesley Memorial Hall in the town centre. We did it pretty low maintenance. Got a big roll of white paper. Stuck it to a table and then mixed kids and a lot of crayons. This was enough to get a few conversations going about who we were. One of the great things about being in the market place was meeting other stall holders, some of whom had some really inspiring ideas.
Fri 3rd  - soup & soul - 12:30pm onwards -  @ Sam's, Chalgrove Sat 11th - little meet up - probably a park in Oxford Thurs 16th - community meal at the Lott's house, Cowley. Sun 26th - Big Sunday meet up - venue to be confirmed
photo of session

mayBe were invited to be contributers at greenbelt again. It's a great tradition of ours and a place we all feel at home. Lately we've been rocking the family-friendly worship sessions and this year we were overwhelmed with the number of people who came to our session based around Sharing a Shell.  

Sunday 28th Sep - 10:30am- gathering at lower end of South Park - then cafe!
  • Sun 8th June - Little Sunday – Southpark 10:30am
  • Wed 11th June – Pub 9pm – Marsh Harrier
  • Thurs 19th June – Community meal
  • Sun 29th June - Big Sunday - details to be confirmed
It was great for mayBe to spend time together at the annual camping adventure. This year we were at Bridge House, Shillingford where Phil and Rosemary gave us a wonderful welcome. Bridget House is a retreat centre where people can come and rest, recharge and stay in a very special spiritual environment. We arrived on the Friday night and set up our tents and camper vans in the field next to the chickens and the labyrinth. "The Belly of the Big Blue" fish tent was put up, food was shared and a late night campfire signalled the start of the mini-mayBe festival.
Little Sunday - May 11th at South Parks 10am for a short service Community Meal - May 15th at 36, Bartholomew Road, 7.30pm Camping and Long Weekend - 23rd -25th May at Bridge House, Shillingford.  Contact mayBe for more information!
photo of us greeting the non-existant sun rise

We greeted the new Easter day's arrival like disciples hearing news from Mary: taking faith that the sun/son had risen...somewhere over there! A few of us met up at Boars Hill, crept down a strictly private road (to find an east-facing view), huddled in Swifty (our campervan) while the kettle boiled and the hot cross buns toasted, then ventured out into a nearby field to watch the sun illumine the dark into a sort of lighter grey. We used some prayers about dawn from the wee worship book, told our own version of the first moments of Easter, and read a Mary Oliver poem (below).

On Friday 28th March 2014 I attended the Religious Life and Renewal Conference in Lambeth Palace. There were about 100 attendees from well established communities (hundreds of years old) and also new monastic communities such as mayBe (now 10 years old!). We met in the quite daunting halls of Lambeth Palace on the banks of the Thames. Thick red carpets, big portraits on oak panelled walls and even a door disguised as a bookcase. Fortunately the decor did not upstage the day. The content of the conference was good.
These are dates for your diary - more details to follow!
  • Community Meal at Ali and Deb's:  Thursday 10th April
  • Soup and Soul at Sam's (tbc):  Friday 11th April
  • Good Friday Walk in Shotover and Stations of the Cross: Friday 18th April
  • Worship in South Parks: Sunday 27th April at 10.30am
In this month's Cycle, we will be reflecting upon, 'How can I better celebrate creation as God's gift?'.  This is inspired by the Lent Course of Operation Noah ( and Psalm 104. We will be praying: Christ within us Light above us Earth beneath us Love surrounds us Peace!   Dates for your diary - more details to follow! Soup and Soul at Sam and Dave's:  Friday 7th March at 12.30 Little Sunday at South Parks:  Sunday 9th March at 10.30am Big Saturday: Saturday 22nd March - 10am -2pm.
The welcome at Court Hill Centre (independent youth hostel)was incredibly warm - the staff could not have been more hospitable.  The children took to the large converted barn like a second home, and the adults found space to unwind, play, and talk about life and mayBe.  Andy Freeman provided some welcome perspectives on being a changing community and finding a rule of life.  Stories were shared, there was dancing and singing, a great deal of eating (and some drinking!).  Jim excelled himself entertaining the children of all ages in the big outdoors, and the bonfire was enjoyed by all.
Our theme this month is The Greatest Commandment; '...'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength', and 'love your neighbour as yourself'.'   Each week we will take one aspect of how we are to love God. Soup and Soul at Sam and Dave's:  Friday February 7th 12.30                                           ...with all your heart... Little Sunday at South Parks: February 9th 10.30                                                                  ...with all your mind...