Community Gossip from 2013

Gossip? In Old English, a “godsibb” was a godmother or godfather, from “god” plus “sib,” meaning “relative” (related to our modern “sibling”). It was later used to refer to companions in childbirth – people from the community who were there in difficult and celebratory times.

Here you'll find a list of things we've been doing/thinking/reading.

Friday 6th December:  Soup and Soul at Sam's Chalgrove. Sunday 8th @ 4pm:  Christingle at Barrack's Lane Community Garden. Thursday 12th@ 7.30pm:  Community meal and conversation at John and Emma's. Saturday 21st @ 2-5pm:  mayBe Christmas party - carols, dressing up, games, mulled wine and a short Christmas liturgy - at Cowley     St. James Church Centre.
  May the light find you on a dismal day When you need to be home may you find your way May you always have courage to take a chance And never find frogs in your underpants!
Thinking about a Rule of Life that perhaps we could adopt as a community. This might be rituals we follow, prayer routines, songs, a common grace...the possibilities are endless but should be communal!
  • Friday 1st Nov 12:30pm - Soup and Soul lunch Chalgrove
  • Sunday 10th Nov 10.30am  - Agape gathering -  Florence Park bandstand
  • Thursday 14th Nov 7:30pm - community meal Chalgrove
  • Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th Nov -  Advent residential retreat
In this month we'll be looking at Autumn and change....
  • Sunday 13th Oct - Bury Knowle park - 10:30am
  • Thursday 18th Oct - evening conversation - 7:30pm venue tbc
  • Sunday 27th Oct - Big Sunday! - 10:30am - 3pm - venue tbc
The following night prayer was written collaboratively between us one Thursday evening. We used everyday objects to guide is through each section.   We come as individuals, but also as one. Seeking nourishment, awaiting transformation, waiting for surrender to become embrace, of old to become new, of tired to become reawakening. *May we be aware of the beauty and detail of your creation.* (each person repeats this line) Through the night, your reflection shines in the dark and holds us in its gaze. We will reach up to you and take your hand. May our work bear fruit,

Sun 16 Jun 2013

Today we met outside at South Park and celebrated the Eucharist with our visitor Rev Simon. It was great to meet with him and share the story of mayBe community.
The theme for this month is Writing.
Friday 7th June - Soup and Soul - Chalgrove
Sun 16th June  - Gathering - South Park - 10:30am
Thurs 20th June - Evening conversation -
Sun 30th June - 10:30am - 3pm - Big Sunday with Picnic - venue to be confirmed
Please let us know if you need lifts to attend meetings.
This month mayBe will be looking at the topic of Pilgrimage. The calendar looks something like this: Friday 3rd - Soup & Soul at Sam's Sunday 12th at Rock Edge, Headington at 10:30am Thursday 16th - evening discussion at  Ali and Debs' starting at 7:30pm The MayBe Camping Weekend - 24th - 26th.
  Custard walking Sunday 29th April 2013 - we spent the day recreating miracles! It was interesting to move away from the usual rhythm of worship. Its not always necessary to break down time into songs, liturgy, prayer, talk etc Sometimes you can break away from tradition and this is very much how our day went.
In the wake of Easter, I thought we could look at the miracles of Jesus this month, and re-awaken ourselves to the miracles all around us. The plan is: Friday 5th, 3-5pm. Sandwiches and Stories at Sam's. We'll be looking at the story of the 10 lepers who Jesus healed, and the importance of saying "Thank You!". Sunday 14th. MayBe little Sunday, 10.30am in South Park. We'll be looking at the Feeding of the 5,000. Thursday 18th. MayBe Thursday evening meal at Ginny's. We'll be looking at Jesus casting out devils.
In March we're walking with Jesus on the long road to the cross...and beyond! Friday 8 March: soup and soul Sunday 10 March: mayBe littleSUNDAY worship gathering Thurs 14 March: community meal Sunday 24 March: mayBe BIGsunday get together in Chalgrove...with real donkeys!

first friday

friday 1st february - soup and soul, 12:30pm, chalgrove

second sunday

sunday 10 february - 10.30am - gathering and coffee: south park

third thursday - tuesday instead!

tuesday 12 february - 5:00pm: pancakes - les robineau

fourth sunday

sunday 24 february - 10am-4pm: worship, reflection, play and food, boars hill carmelite priory

first friday

friday 11 january (moved to second friday due to school holidays) - soup and soul, 12:30pm, Chalgrove

second sunday

sunday 13 january - 10.30am - gathering and coffee: South Park, John

third thursday

thursday 17 january - 7.30pm: community meal: John&Emma's

fourth sunday

sunday 27 january - 2.30pm-6pm: worship, play and food, St James' Church Centre, Beauchamp Lane