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This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

Our homepage should always show what's happening right now, and how to find us. For an overview of our cycles etc. see the what we do page.

This week our resources are prepared by Cara and looking at why creativity is among the important mayBe roots. Thurs we're at Sam, Dave & Ariane's in Chalgrove, come at 7pm. If you need directions and/or a lift please email around. Sunday we're in Bethlehem Convent off the Cowley road, again at 7pm.
Community meal Thursday 30 April 7pm @gail+ian Sunday Eucharist 3.50pm for 4pm start on the Uni Parks
eucharist on PortMeadow

eucharist on PortMeadow

Maunday community meal 7pm Thursday @Rich+Tracey+Harvey and @Andrea - this week our own experience and our interaction with the scripture story of the Passion of the Christ are the resource - opoprtunity to share stuff from our own experience of Holy Week - a thought, an idea, a story, a poem, a piece of music, a scene from a film...


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