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This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

Our homepage should always show what's happening right now, and how to find us. For an overview of our cycles etc. see the what we do page.

Wise old Sundial.JPGweek 1

thursday 5 january - 7pm - community meal: Toby's, resource: tbc sunday 7 january - 10.30am - gathering: South Park, John

week 2

thursday 12 january - 7pm - community meal: Ginny's, resource: Ginny sunday 15 january - 10.30am - gathering: Florence Park bandstand, Toby

week 1IMG_2931

sunday 18 december - 2.30pm - christingle service, Bethlehem Chapel followed by refreshments in the Upton Room we will begin a new cycle in the New Year
IMG_1932 this cycle we will be looking together at Brian McLaren's book 'Naked Spirituality: a life with God in twelve simple words'. mayBe has lots of copies so if you need a copy get in touch: sacristan@maybe.org.uk

week 1

thursday 27 october - 7pm - community meal: John & Emma's, resource: Sam sunday 30 october - 10.30am - gathering: South Park

week 2

week 1printing 3_from_raw.jpg

sunday 11 september - 10.30am - gathering, South Park monday 12 september - guardians meeting

week 2

thursday 15 september - 7pm - community meal: Ali and Debs', resource: Jim sunday 18 september - 2pm - outdoor Eucharist, Bury Knowle Park

week 3


week 1

sunday 17 july - gathering, time and venue tbc

week 2

sunday 24 july - 10.30am - Eucharist - venue TBC

week 3

thursday 28 july - 7pm - community meal: Cara's, resource: Sam

week 4

thursday 4 august - 7pm - community meal: Sam and Dave's in Chalgrove, resource: Andrea

week 5

sunset.jpg week 1

thursday 16 june - 7pm - community meal: Toby's, resource: Anita sunday 19 june - 10.30am til 1pm with bring and share lunch - all community conversation @ the Mish

week 2

thursday 23 june - 7pm - community meal: Kate's, resource: Andrea

Great to have David back with usWeek 1

thursday 28 april - 7pm - community meal: Toby's, resource: Toby saturday 30 april - 10am-4pm - Cave, Refectory, Road day, tickets from: http://www.thestillpoint.org.uk/

Week 2

Palm Sunday

sunday 17 april - 10:30am-3:30pm - all age mini-retreat Upton Room, All Saints Convent Finding Treasure in a Bright Field 1.JPG

Good Friday

friday 22 april - time and place tbc - walk and then hot cross buns
mayBe outsider improvisation 13 This cycle we're planning to use poetry and poems as the focus of our discussions, always aiming to build each other up in faith, and support each other in creating community.

Week 1

thurs 16th sept Cara hosting - bring your favourite Peoms!
Candles This seven-week cycle we're looking at various monastic practices. How can they shape us as a very different type of community? Throughout the cycle we'll be keeping Saturdays free for Greenbelt preparation.

Week 1

Thurs 22 July. Kate/Andrea hosting community meal in Thame. Resource by Cara.


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