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This tag describes things we're doing/have done. It's a bit of a diary for us, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect if you'd like to join us one day - everyone welcome :-)

Our homepage should always show what's happening right now, and how to find us. For an overview of our cycles etc. see the what we do page.

  Custard walking Sunday 29th April 2013 - we spent the day recreating miracles! It was interesting to move away from the usual rhythm of worship. Its not always necessary to break down time into songs, liturgy, prayer, talk etc Sometimes you can break away from tradition and this is very much how our day went.
In the wake of Easter, I thought we could look at the miracles of Jesus this month, and re-awaken ourselves to the miracles all around us. The plan is: Friday 5th, 3-5pm. Sandwiches and Stories at Sam's. We'll be looking at the story of the 10 lepers who Jesus healed, and the importance of saying "Thank You!". Sunday 14th. MayBe little Sunday, 10.30am in South Park. We'll be looking at the Feeding of the 5,000. Thursday 18th. MayBe Thursday evening meal at Ginny's. We'll be looking at Jesus casting out devils.
In March we're walking with Jesus on the long road to the cross...and beyond! Friday 8 March: soup and soul Sunday 10 March: mayBe littleSUNDAY worship gathering Thurs 14 March: community meal Sunday 24 March: mayBe BIGsunday get together in Chalgrove...with real donkeys!

first friday

friday 1st february - soup and soul, 12:30pm, chalgrove

second sunday

sunday 10 february - 10.30am - gathering and coffee: south park

third thursday - tuesday instead!

tuesday 12 february - 5:00pm: pancakes - les robineau

fourth sunday

sunday 24 february - 10am-4pm: worship, reflection, play and food, boars hill carmelite priory

first friday

friday 11 january (moved to second friday due to school holidays) - soup and soul, 12:30pm, Chalgrove

second sunday

sunday 13 january - 10.30am - gathering and coffee: South Park, John

third thursday

thursday 17 january - 7.30pm: community meal: John&Emma's

fourth sunday

sunday 27 january - 2.30pm-6pm: worship, play and food, St James' Church Centre, Beauchamp Lane

week 1

thursday 1 november - 7pm - community meal: Sam&Dave's sunday 4 november - 10.30am - gathering: South Park, John

week 2

thursday 8 november - 7.30pm - community meal: John&Emma's

week 3

friday 16 november - 5-7pm - messy church, Wood Farm family centre

week 4

thursday 22 november - 7pm - community meal: Rich&Tracey's

week 5

thursday 29 november - 7pm - community meal: Ali&Debs'

week 6

sunday 9 december - 3pm - Christingle service: Barracks Lane Community Garden, Sam

week 7

Week 1

thursday 13th september - 7pm -  community meal: Toby's

Week 2

sunday 23 september - 10.30am - gathering: Florence Park bandstand, Sam

Week 3

thursday 27 september - 7pm - community meal: Rich&Tracey's, resource: Rich sunday 30 september - 10.30am - gathering: South Park, John&Emma

Week 4

friday 5 october - 5-7pm - messy church, Wood Farm Family Centre sunday 7th oct -11am - "Are you a hungry caterpillar?" - Barracks Lane Community Garden, Toby

Week 5

Week1: Storm and tempest

thurs 7th june - 7pm -  community meal - Ali & Debs, resource Ali sun 10th june -  10:30am - gathering: Rock Edge, Headington, Ali facilitating

Week 2: Wind

thurs 14th june - 7pm - community meal: hosting and resource by Ginny sun 17th june - to be confirmed

Week 3:

no thursday gathering Camping weekend: 22nd - 24th june

Week 4: Rain and Flood

thursday 28th june - 7pm - community meal: hosting and resource by Famille de Robineau

week 1 - serve

thursday 19 april - 7pm - community meal: Sam & Dave's sunday 24 april - 10.30am - gathering: Florence Park, Family Robineau

week 2 - care

thursday 26 april - 7pm - community meal: Maison de Lott (R&T's!)


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